Tristan Foster: Don DeLillo and the obsessions of the lonely

by proustitute

We remain death-bound, this is our only trajectory. That clichéd but critical binary: life and death. The only binary, maybe. Or the only one that matters, because I want to live, I don’t want to die, I want to go on writing this.

My good friend (and fellow co-editor at 3:AM Magazine), Tristan Foster, has written a wonderful piece of personal, reflective criticism, running the gamut from musings on Don DeLillo’s latest novel Zero K. to the role of authorship and the attendant weight grief leaves behind for those of us who live to grapple with—and for those of us who write to make sense of in the only way we know how: through words.

I was privileged to see this piece evolve; I’m sure many will appreciate the depths Tristan plumbs here.